Marc De Graef
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  The following doctoral students/postdocs (PD) are currently (December 2017) working in my group:


  Student Research Topic
  Ke-Wei Jin Computational Polarized Light Microscopy
  Zihao Ding Deformation Studies by Means of Electron Back-Scatter Diffraction
  Christian Kurniawan Quantitative Determination of Deformation States using Electron Back-Scatter Diffraction
  Joseph Tessmer Defect Image Modeling for STEM-DCI and ECCI
  Maxwell Li Lorentz Microscopy of Bloch and Neel walls
  Nisrit Pandei Lorentz Microscopy of Thin Film Materials
  Michael Kitcher Lorentz Microscopy of Complex Magnetic States
  Will Lenthe (PD) Advanced Diffraction Pattern Indexing Techniques
  Elena Pascal (PD) Forward Modeling of Electron Scattering Modalities
  Marek Vronka (Visiting Scientist) Lorentz Microscopy of Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys


  Currently (January 2019) I do not have any open positions.